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Pimsleur French Transcript

ideally, a language app would have wonderful availability for the entire world. if you want to learn the language, you will use it, so having it available 24-7 makes it easier and more pleasant to get your certification.

Pimsleur French Transcript

memrise makes it easy to find or create flashcards. after creating a deck, you have the option of starting a brand-new lesson or importing a list of cards from the past. you can add a lot of content and organize it however you wish. you can also add audio and or video to your lessons to allow you to learn some of the mechanics as well.

memrise can automatically create cards that match the phrases in your lesson, and its also great for reviewing different grammatical structures and tenses. there is a live chat box for help if you run into a roadblock.

when youve completed your deck youll be able to sync your memorized cards to your phone and keep them with you so you can reference them on the go. theres a mobile app for ios and android, or you can just use a web browser to look at your cards.

these text transcripts are just a supplement to your flashcards, but they also provide insight into how to pronounce the words and what words they are. you can add a note explaining why a word is used, and you can preview the last lessons that youve completed to get a feel for how youre improving.

how memrise works: memrises flashcard system is simple: you will create flashcard sets for the content and grammar that you want to work on, and then add cards to your sets as you study. as you review your sets youll automatically be shown a word or its spoken pronunciation. as you review the word, any time you get it right, youll be able to immediately add a bonus to the word for future use.


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