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FBI: International (2021)

Starting in 2018, FBI became CBS's latest procedural mainstay. Shortly following the success of this new Dick Wolf-created series, the network was eager to keep a good thing going. Only a year later, FBI: Most Wanted got the greenlight. Now, in 2021, we'll get our third addition to the growing brand with FBI: International, a global spin-off that explores the federal bureau's international reach (as the title suggests). Certainly, CBS is invested in the franchise's longevity. We'll see if their viewers are equally as enticed.

FBI: International (2021)

Leading the charge of this upcoming FBI spin-off series are three actors of varying experience. Specifically, Luke Kleintank, Heida Reed, and Vinessa Vidotto have signed onto the show as our primary crime fighters, with Klenintank attached as the Head of the International FBI Fly Team, Reed on board as the second-in-command, and Vidotto's leading part described as a new but ambitious member of the international team. At the moment, not much else is known about their roles, including their character names. But if you've watched your fair share of TV, you might recognize these three performers.

Over the past decade, Derek Haas has had a heavy hand in Dick Wolf's TV monopoly. Specifically, starting in 2012, the author/screenwriter co-created Chicago Fire, which eventually led to him developing Chicago P.D., Chicago Med, and Chicago Justice. Now, he'll be in charge of another spin-off series with CBS's FBI: International. As the main writer and showrunner of this new show, Haas will likely have more control than ever at the center of this third series in the FBI franchise. Given his success in building the One Chicago line-up into one of NBC's most expansive TV universes, it makes sense that Wolf would be confident in letting Haas handle the reins of this international endeavor.

A man was arrested in an international sting operation targeting drug smugglers. Australian Federal Police blurred the suspect's face due to privacy concerns. Alison Brown/Australian Federal Police hide caption

With the help of Europol, the FBI identified "over 300 distinct TCOs [transnational criminal organizations] using Anom, including Italian organized crime, Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs, and various international narcotics source, transportation, and distribution cells," according to a search warrant affidavit filed in court by Nicholas Cheviron, an FBI special agent in San Diego. The document was unsealed Monday.

The FBI gained a real-time window into the lucrative world of international organized crime in 2018 after its San Diego office busted Phantom Secure, a company that provided hardened encrypted devices to criminal organizations. Its CEO, Vincent Ramos, pleaded guilty; other company leaders were also indicted. 041b061a72


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