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Buy Sennheiser Hd650 ((FREE))

This headphone is more refined version of all time classic hd600. Initially it sounded muffled and bass heavy but after about 100 hours with isotek burn in track it sounds extremly clean and detailed. Bass and mid bass are lot fuller and sound has lot more body. Treble is one of the most clean and refined you would ever hear. There are no peaks to frequency response and sound is extremely smooth. I use it with chord mojo and it does full justice to mojo's insane resolution. People coming from beyerdynamic sound may feel the combo with mojo a bit on warmer side but I bet mojo plus hd650 combo is impossible to beat even with much more expensive headphones simply because this headphone has one of the least distortion figures. Impedance of 300 ohm goes very well with mojo and mojo gives plenty of volume and I never needed to go beyond green to light green volume of mojo and still plenty of volume range of mojo left. People looking for high end sound need not to see beyond thid headphone. Only one thing is that to enjoy the music fully with this headphone you need to listen in a calm environment as it is a open back design and easily affected by ambient sound. Overall great buy for audiophile and all music lovers alike.

buy sennheiser hd650

I heard hd650 is a good match with bottlehead crack..but so far i do enjoy very much my hd650 with graham slee srg ii (+ centrance dac lx)..very nice sound !! I would say hd650 is headphone of all time ?

But now after i had solo ii, im just thinking, hey how about purchasing hd650?is there any clue what kind of sound that i will get from solo ii + hd650?does it gives me more micro details and imaging than solo ii + ps500?

I listen mainly hifi , classic orchestra and movies on a IMac. ok maybe also some rock, opinions? Also i read the big research on 3 golden oldies hd650.akg701 and the bd880 all in all an very nice site with reasonable explenations thanks

Thank you! Sennheiser has a lot of experience. And the engineers of that era, those who designed the HD600 and the HD650, should smile face-to-face every time brands (including sennheiser) create a new, more advanced technology that still does not overshadow their previous creation. The HD650 is timeless sound. 041b061a72


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