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Blaze Out ##BEST##

To run a blaze out, receivers explode off the ball and run a straight 7-yard stem before breaking into the post for a few steps before hitting a dead stop and breaking horizontally toward the sideline.

blaze out

A proposal that legislators will discuss in a hearing Thursday would create a $2 million pilot program to mount cameras on mountaintops in high-risk locations. An artificial intelligence program developed by a private company would analyze the images and sounds from cameras with 10-mile (about 16-kilometer) radiuses with the aim of detecting something that could signal the start of a blaze.

The Dixie Fire, California's biggest blaze, has continued to grow in recent weeks, destroying 67 homes and structures and threatening 12,000 more. Located near California's Feather River Canyon, the flames have charred 274,139 acres and the blaze is 35% contained, according to Cal Fire.

California and Oregon aren't the only states fighting fires. Firefighters are currently battling blazes in 14 states, with over 96 wildfires burning nearly 3,000 square miles, according to the National Interagency Fire Center.

Kern County firefighters arrived to assist on the residence side while the CCI Fire crew attacked the blaze from the institution side. A Kern County fire helicopter assisted in knocking down the fire with water sourced from the local reservoir.

Local photographer Tom Hauer shared a photograph of the scene he took with the aid of a drone. The blaze took place Saturday, March 18, 2023, on Fifth Avenue, between Broad Street and the railroad tracks.

Klauber said the fire alarm went off in the building after a bystander called in the blaze, which began in the west corner of the building. Soon after Engine 27 crew members saw that the fire was threatening the library, a first-alarm response was requested, consisting of four engines, one truck and one battalion as well as one medic ambulance. 041b061a72


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