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Lead The Field ((INSTALL))

"When I first started, we developed film in the field and hand cranked the machines," said Lieutenant Bray. "That was only 17 years ago. Now it's all digital and 3D, even remote and robotic."The MSP Bomb Squad is regarded as a leader in the field, even utilized by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to assess products and equipment and to write procedures."The program is called the Bomb Squad Test Bed," explained Lieutenant Bray. "We've been doing this since 2009. Manufacturers rely on us to assess what they've made to make sure that everything is effective and safe. Most recently we helped prove the Power Hawk System for use by bomb squads around the country."The Power Hawk is an all-electric, jaws type rescue tool that can be used to force entry and cut steel remotely, originally created to identify issues with removing vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices especially in newer model vehicles. It also allows officers to breach mechanical systems and open locks and reinforced doors, all of which are critical capabilities when dealing with an improvised explosive device of any kind. "Being part of the Test Bed has been an awesome experience for our team and the department," said Lieutenant Bray. "We play a significant role in helping other bomb technicians do the best they can to protect themselves and ultimately the public we serve."

Lead the Field


Donald Trump remains the presumptive front-runner for the Republican presidential nomination despite all protestations otherwise. A Fox News poll over the weekend showed Trump with 43% support among likely GOP primary voters, with Ron DeSantis of Florida trailing at 28%. Former Vice President Mike Pence comes in at 7% support alongside Nikki Haley of South Carolina. Those numbers would roughly ring true in Iowa, we suspect, and it remains the lead-off state in the Republican nomination process.

Anett Kontaveit entered the field at short notice at the WTA 250 event in Hamburg and will lead this top seed, number two is the Russian Daria Kasatkina . Also present in the Hanseatic city: five DTB players.

Jade has been a major artistic force here for more than a decade and has toured nationally with an array of music stars, including Sheila E. Thee Sacred Souls was co-founded in 2019 by drummer Alex Garcia, bassist Sal Samano and lead singer Josh Lane.

In terms of biologics, the Paris Region is recognized worldwide as a leader in cell and gene therapy with many world first clinical trials and a strong ecosystem of leading research centers such as Imagine Institute, AP-HP, Curie Institute, Genethon, Pasteur Institute and private companies such as Cellectis, Gensight Biologics and Lysogene.

Do you want to lead the field? Earl Nightingale is our guide in this old-school guide to rockin' it. Big Ideas include seeing the acres of diamonds in our own backyards, being able to immediately articulate our goal in a single sentence, seeing that if we want more we need to serve more and knowing that TODAY is the day to show up and shine!

If you are an experienced birder and CBC volunteer you may apply to your coordinator to lead a field party. Most field parties cover the same established routes every year, but there are areas not yet covered. A field party consists of at least two volunteers; solo participants are permitted only in special circumstances and at the discretion of the coordinators.

The field party leaders are responsible for keeping the checklist and measuring the time and distance values. Why do we record time and distance values? The short answer is here. Please carry a copy of the field checklist, available from your coordinator or this website.

For the purposes of this census the unit of labor is the field team or party, not the individual. Whether a field party is composed of two or ten participants makes no difference in your reporting of time spent afield and distance traveled. If your field party travels in several cars the distance should be measured by one car. Each party submits one checklist.

Estimating your walking distance is permitted, but there are ways to improve your estimates. (Field parties with map and travel distance apps on smartphones may skip to the next paragraph.) Tracing your route on a map with a legend is helpful. If you have Google Earth skills zoom in on your area and from the menu bar go to Tools>Ruler>Path, set Length to miles, and mouse-click your journey from your starting point to its end. A pedometer is also useful. Your travel distance will not likely exceed 1 or 1.5 miles per hour spent in the field.

Warriors' cross country head coach Neal Garrison is in his first season leading the team after coaching Mahomet-Seymour for 20 seasons. Garrison had great success with the Bulldogs, leading the team to eight state finals appearances and winning Class 2A state championships in 2016 and 2017 and runner-up in 2014 and 2015.

"When you get two great runners handed down to you, that's pretty awesome," Garrison said. "My plan is not to mess with them and they have done a good job leading the team and making people care about the sport."

Kimble also continues to lead all other PSAs in the Mid-Market Results Index, a position it has held for nearly two years. This ranking is based on how likely customers are to recommend Kimble, user adoption, ROI, and how well the PSA solution fits their requirements. 041b061a72


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