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Blade Vampire Dance Club

Club Blood is a nightclub owned by Deacon Frost, where young and wild vampires tend to gather. Most attendees of Club Blood bring along a human date/victim to slaughter them on the dance floor for entertainment. As the music blasts and the vampires dance, blood sprays out from pipes on the ceilings giving their human dates a terrifying shock.

Blade Vampire Dance Club


This approach is exemplified by Blade's opening scene, known infamously as the "Blood Rave," which sees Blade (Wesley Snipes) infiltrate Deacon Frost's (Stephen Dorff) vampiric nightclub. As revelers dance to Pump Panel's techno remix of "Confusion" by New Order, blood rains down from sprinklers on the ceiling, delighting the partying vampires and horrifying the nightclub's humans alike. Some 24 years on, the cinematography and pulpy special effects still serve to make Blood Rave one of the best opening horror scenes of all time that immediately signals to Blade audiences Norrington's film is not another vampire gothic-style flick.

SEX/NUDITY 3 - A man goes into a triple-X live dance theater and prepares for a private show (he takes out some tissues and razor blades as the curtain opens). A vampire dance club shows people dancing close together, wiggling and writhing, rubbing themselves on each other; one couple kisses after they put razor blades in their mouths. A man talks about having taken two women to a tent in order to have sex. A couple of men are shown bare-chested a couple of times. Women are shown in clothing that reveals cleavage, bare midriffs, bare shoulders and backs. A man caresses a woman's hair and face a few times, and a woman caresses a man's face.

Vampires apparently love to dance (after all, The Dead Can Dance), which is why so many shows that feature the blood-sucking fiends also feature a big dance floor, often ones they own. Often, the dance floor is lined with mirrors, just so the vampire's innocent, unaware dance partner can twig to the fact that there's a reason the guy she's dancing with is so pale.

  • Literature At one point in The Auralight Chronicles, Dakota looks for clues in a nightclub owned by her girlfriend, who happens to be a vampire. While there, they start playing "Thriller" and everyone, vampire, werewolf, etc. starts dancing to the tune. Vampires dance the rest of the time as well, but, in this case it takes it straight into meta territory.

  • There was a formal vampire ball in one of The Dresden Files books. But in that case, it was already known the ball was being run by vampires.

  • In the Evernight series, Evernight Academy (a school for vampires) holds a formal dance, the Autumn Ball, once a year; it's their equivalent of prom though much fancier, and a throwback to when such events were a lot more common.

  • The Sookie Stackhouse Mysteries also have a formal ball in which there is dancing.

  • Jack Fleming of The Vampire Files can dance, but only does so when it's necessary to get female suspects to talk with him, not when he's just having fun. His girlfriend Bobbi is a professional singer who dances in many of her acts, so will presumably become an example if and when she's turned.

  • Video Games Deadbolt: Several of the missions that see the Reaper fighting the 1000 Year Royals feature vampires dancing and partying hard enough that they don't even notice the Reaper unless attacked. The game likes to mix in armed and alert vampires with these passive ones, requiring the player to pay close attention.

  • One is featured in Sam & Max: Freelance Police: Night Of The Raving Dead, though there's only one vampire there.

  • This trope is probably the reason why vampires were included in The Sims 2: Nightlife Expansion Pack. The pre-made Downtown subhood includes a vampire-themed nightclub, of course.

  • The Sims 3 also introduced vampires in the Late Night expansion pack. And the new city in that pack includes a nightclub for vampires - Plasma 501.

  • True Crime: New York City has a mission where Detective Marcus must enter a "vampyre" Club, complete with smoke machine and fetish attire. Granted you barely get to see any dancing and they are not "real vampires" (goths, and wannabes mostly) but it looks like something out of the first Blade movie. Once Marcus upsets the girl he's there to rescue, the ringleader of the club promises to show Marcus "How Vampyrer fight!"

  • You can dance at most of the clubs in Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines. Keeping it going long enough causes most of the other dancers to join in and prop up your Karma Meter.

Nightclubs in fiction are always much cooler, bigger, and cleaner than the ones you find in the downtown of your town (unless your town happens to be New York City, Atlanta, Tokyo, Berlin, Ibiza or London). Expect to see a line around the block to get in whether the club is full or not, though some people need only wink at the Bouncer or have a spot on the guest list and in they go (this seldom includes the main protagonist unless they're a sexy woman). And, as with the High-School Dance, expect everybody in attendance to be dancing around and having a great time (whereas, in Real Life, you're likely to see a lot of Mood Dissonance among the attendees and more than a few people who just want to go home). There might even be Dancing Royalty clearing the dance-floor with their amazing dance moves or leading a Flash Mob-esque dance sequence.

  • Literature Wicked Lovely brings us the Rath and Ruins. If you have read the series, you want to go there. No exceptions.

  • The Dresden Files has a club called 0, run by the White Court. Everywhere one looks, there are couples, threesomes, foursomes and nineteensomes, a variety of substances to snort, swallow or inject, and even biohazard bins to dispose of the syringes in. Just because they're a bunch of evil vampires doesn't mean they're irresponsible.

  • Moon Over Soho has quite a variety of cool clubs, including the Real Life "Groucho Club", unfortunately they are all murder scenes due to the Monster Of The Book being a vampire that feeds off of Jazz musicians' brains (It Makes Sense in Context).

  • Masquerade of the Red Death: Prince Vargoss holds court in the "Members Only" section of one of these clubs.

  • The Witch of Knightcharm: Club Bacchus-Dionysus is depicted as this. It has a line out the door, is so popular that people try to sneak in, and is so packed on the inside that the protagonist Emily worries she won't be able to find her target Lauren in the limited time she has remaining before Lauren leaves.

  • Music Almost every dance-pop song about partying by anyone, ever, will have a video full of this.

  • About half of all dance-pop songs and maybe a quarter of all hip-hop tracks feature lyrics about dancing in a club with the opposite gender.

  • Kesha's "Take It Off" is about one of these places, and the second video takes this to an extreme by showing a club made up entirely of 80s video cliches.

  • Elton John's "Club At The End Of The Street" and the B-52's "Love Shack" also come to mind.

  • Subverted by The Smiths' "How Soon is Now?" The singer is told "there's a club if you'd like to go / You could meet somebody who really loves you ..." But what actually happens is:So you go on your own And you leave on your own And you go home and you cry And you want to die

  • Tabletop Games Polyhymnia in Transhuman Space. It's so exclusive that it doesn't have a Wannabe Line, because the Wannabes never know where it is. It's constantly moving, and constantly changing who it's aimed at, but clever memetics ensure that the "right" people get drawn to it seemingly by coincidence.

  • The World of Darkness loves this trope. Super-cool nightclubs are popular hangouts for all sorts of supernatural creatures, perhaps most notoriously vampires. Vampire: The Masquerade has the Succubus Club in Chicago, probably the most famous and coolest club in the setting.

  • Shadowrun is of course overrun with examples of this, being a cyberpunk game, but the most prominent one in Seattle has to be Dante's Inferno. A nine-level night club (including Limbo, for the posers), with the ninth level meant for only to most exclusive crowds. Noted to be something of a franchise nightclub, to the point that you can purchase VR memberships and attend their parties virtually.

  • Web Comics In Opplopolis multi-person pop star Vesper Formicide takes Agnes to a secret club so cool that two other versions of herself were already there.

  • Sheila's bar in Bar'd.

  • The Cerberus Dance Club in Wapsi Square is a rather cool place. Especially for Minnesota.

  • In Sunstone Harper's S&M club the characters visit (And Chris and Alan do commissions for) is pretty impressive in both size and furnishings with a stage and a VIP lounge; it also hosts frequent S&M performances. Word of God is that the series is set in New York so the club isn't implausible.

  • The eponymous clubship from Lovelyss is a repurposed warship turned into a 24/7 interstellar nightclub where mercenary gangs, undercover cops, assassins and dancers mix. It also appears in the prequel Lovesyck, where it's referred to as Carrier 9.

  • Western Animation One episode of MTV's Downtown featured the local dive under Alex's apartment being turned into a massively trendy, popular club. Chaka is thrilled, especially since it turns out she can sneak in through the back from within the apartment building. Alex, who has to sleep above the pounding techno music, is less so. In Episode 4 Alex wanders upon the location where the Goth event was taking place (that appears to be a rented former meat packing store), that Alex was hired to copy the promotional posters in the opening scene, where Serena is preparing the venue for the club night. The end result is displayed in the credits where there is graffiti art of candles on the wall as well as other art, actual lit candles in the club, everyone apparently is dancing to Serena's zither playing despite it appears not to be hooked up to any speakers, Goat is chasing a girl who's trying to get away from him, Alex's usually popular club savvy sister is surprisingly dancing with a Goth guy, and Alex is sleeping under one of the posters he made. Which if Serena and the other organizers were caught having a club night at that place, would be facing a large fine for operating a unlicensed dance club in 2000 due to Mayor Rudy Giuliani at the time deciding to enforce from 1997 a prohibition era Cabaret License Law prohibiting a commercial venue allowing dancing without the proper license.

  • Daria had The Zon, a large alternative club in Downtown Lawndale (according to the video game, located at Degas Street) that in addition to hosting Trent's band Mystik Spiral, has a large amount of Goth and Punk looking patrons, plays bands such as Siouxsie and the Banshees over the PA, and does not appear to be cramped. Downplayed in that it's a very dirty club and Trent isn't succeeding as a band despite being brought back multiple nights.

  • In one episode of Regular Show, Mordecai and Rigby get invited to a party club called 'Box'. However, they end up going to the wrong club when they assumed a similarly named club called 'The Box' was their destination.

  • Spoofed in an episode of Mission Hill. Frustrated at a really popular club refusing to let them in, Andy and his friends engineer a fake club called The Meter Room and refuse to let in anybody who isn't in on the gag, word of mouth to turning The Meter Room into the most popular club in town. Then they claim the place was destroyed by fire, causing everyone who didn't go to talk about it wistfully.

  • An episode of Family Guy featured Stewie converting Brian and Frank Sinatra Jr.'s old big band bar into one of these as "pLace" ("Little 'p', big 'l'"). Brian and Frank initially hate the new direction, but just as they start to enjoy it, Andy Dick shows up to party, causing everyone to run out screaming.



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