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Carmina Burana Wav File [BETTER]

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Carmina Burana Wav File

A Wwise MIDI music segment works just like a regular one, except you drop in .mid rather than .wav files. Each track is associated with a instrument blend container, which contains a keymap defining note ranges and roots for each sample (again, like Beatnik).

But simple and straightforward it ain't! I could have much more easily and quickly produced the same song (sans variable bell patterns) in ProTools by just laying down tracks and rendering a .wav file. And if you're under a tight deadline (because the programmer needs to integrate the music now now now), then yeah, no problem, here ya go!

Each voice part is available for Immediate DOWNLOAD or mailed to you in CD FORMAT. Please note, that each download is for one user only due to licensing restraints. Please indicate the number of CDs or the number of users for a download file.

Susan Seligsonhas written for many publications and websites, including the New York Times Magazine, The Atlantic, the Boston Globe, Yankee, Outside, Redbook, the Times of London,,, and Profile


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