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Star Wars: The Ultimate Visual Guide

As of today, the book is still available to pre-order. The team, who are claiming this story as an exclusive, did ask Lucasfilm and DK for comment but received no response. The book was written by Pablo Hidalgo, as all Star Wars visual guides, and as usual, was promised to include a lot of new information and details on everything related to The Mandalorian.

Star Wars: The Ultimate Visual Guide

What the Ultimate Visual Guide does well is introduce all the new faces of Rogue One, from the heroes who band together under the titular callsign to the artic colored Mon Calamari lead by blue-skinned Admiral Raddus aboard his flagship the Profundity. The well written introductions also highlight an unfortunate aspect of Rogue One, racial and gender diversity. A problem that is more casually noted while viewing the movie is made painfully clear when one flips through pages of rebels, Imperials, and everyone else in between, and see one white male face after another. Rogue One is an improvement, but hopefully the problem advertised in its visual guide is one that is better addressed in future films. 041b061a72


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